Mountain Dew Original

The unique citrus flavored Mountain Dew Original drink is made only for the bold and edgy to “Do the Dew”. Stand out among the rest with Mountain Dew.

Available sizes

Mountain Dew Blue Shock

The Blue Shock Mountain Dew formula will surely shock your taste buds. A unique raspberry citrus flavor that will send shockwaves down your spine.

Available sizes

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

A unique beverage with a punch of grape citrus flavor. Take a sip and let the mysterious flavour tantalize and thrill your taste bud.

Available sizes

Mountain Dew No Calorie

Try our new Mountain Dew No Calorie! All Dew, No Calorie - enjoy the same great Mountain Dew flavour, only without the calorie.

Available sizes

Learn More About Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is synonymous with living a vibrant and energetic lifestyle, having partnered with the extreme sports competition The Dew Tour in the US since 2005.

3 unique flavours

Bold and edgy


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