Our Initiatives

Solar Projects

  • Solar is renewable energy with zero greenhouse emissions 
  • Solar panel projects have been initiated and will be expanded throughout the region

Energy Management

  • Optimise energy use by reducing wastage, improving efficiency, and recovering energy
  • Involves energy auditing, analysis, and training with continuous improvement

Heat Recovery Using Heat Pump

  • To recover the heat energy in hot water used during production
  • Refrigerants will absorb heat and subsequently compress it to a higher temperature
  • Superheated refrigerants will be used to preheat boiler water

Green Electricity Tariff (GET)

  • GET enables companies to purchase renewable electricity from the grid
  • In supporting this, one of our plants has subscribed to GET to increase its renewable electricity to 100% in 2022

Our Campaigns


Etika Sdn Bhd ("Etika") installed solar panels in its plant and purchased Green Electricity Tariff (GET) for Etika Beverage Sdn Bhd (EBSB). The GET programme provides Etika with the option of using electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar plants.

Through this initiative, approximately 60% of the energy used in EBSB is from a renewable source, while the remaining 40% of the non-renewable energy mainly comes from Etika's natural gas usage.